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Prezi is a software presentation company founded in 2009, with offices in Budapest, San Francisco and Riga.

Since April 2018, Prezi has had over 100 million users who have created more than 325 million public presentations that have been viewed more than 3.5 billion times.

The word prezi is a short form of “introduction” in Hungarian.

ProtonVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) provider managed by the Swiss company Proton Technologies AG, the company behind the ProtonMail email service. According to the official ProtonVPN website, ProtonVPN and ProtonMail share the same management team, offices and technical facilities and are managed from Proton’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, under the protection of Swiss privacy laws.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription, available in some countries, that allows you to be ad-free, feature-rich (offline viewing) and an enhanced experience on many Google video and music services, such as YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids.

How does YouTube Premium work?

YouTube Premium has no ads

Basically, YouTube Premium is about removing ads. Since YouTube, owned by Google, generates a lot of money from ads, you really can’t remove them without charging. It is also said to be used to help artists make money. By allowing viewers to pay, moving from one video to another will no longer have to wait for ads to complete. This applies wherever the invoice for which you were paid is located.

When you register with Smart TV, you can watch videos instantly, without interruption. In addition, this ad-free experience extends to other YouTube apps, such as YouTube Music, YouTube Games and YouTube Kids.

YouTube Premium works offline and in the background

Another YouTube Premium feature that adds more value to the subscription price is to watch offline on your phone or tablet, which means that downloading the movie to watch on the train should be easy now. In addition, you can play videos in the background. This is an area that can dominate some people, says Spotify, because it means access to the video with the ability to use the app as a music player.

Access Play Music and YouTube Music Premium

Initially, if you opted for YouTube Red, you would get a subscription to Google Play Music (later YouTube Music). And it worked the other way around. Play Music is able to store up to 50,000 of your songs offline, access a catalog of 35 million songs, listen offline and, of course, all without ads. As for music on YouTube, it recently received criticism.

The new music service was launched in May 2018 in the U.S. USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea next week and then came to the UK and selected other territories in June 2018. It is a mobile app and a desktop player that you can access millions of songs. If you can already find it as a video on YouTube, you can find it as a live stream. But you also have access to music videos.

YouTube music is available for free to use, but it contains ads that play every few this level, you will not be able to download music to listen offline. For music downloads and ad-free, you’ll need to sign up for YouTube Music Premium. Music Premium costs $ 9.99 per month (? 9.99 per month in the UK), unless you have already signed up for Play Music or YouTube Premium.

That’s right, YouTube Premium comes with Play Music and YouTube Music Premium included.

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