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The first version of TECH Stream for the year, Unity 2019.1, is now available. It includes many new production-ready features, such as the burst compiler, light imaging tube (LWRP) and hatch graphics. In addition, there are numerous innovations for animators, mobile developers, and graphics experts, as well as several updates that simplify project workflows and simplify editor tasks. Today we are also launching Unity Long Term Support (LTS) version 2018.4 for those who intend to start and therefore wish to cease production on a solid basis. Unity 2019.1 includes more than 283 new features and enhancements. You will find a summary at the beginning of this post, followed by a detailed tour of the major new features. If you want to install and start using Unity 2019.1, consider starting the download (click the button below or accessing it via Unity Hub) as you read this post.

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